Paul McCartney Kisses Young Woman In New Photo


The Beatles icon Paul McCartney has posted a beautiful new photo where he kisses his daughter. It’s an adorable photo, but due to the way Paul is opening his mouth, some fans feared he was about to eat her! Paul wrote, “Paul and @marymccartney. Australia, 1993. Photo by @lindamccartney #ThrowbackThursday #TBT #PaulMcCartney #LindaMcCartney #MaryMcCartney.” paulwantsyoutodrivehiscar commented, “Please tell me I’m not the only one who thought Paul was eating her face.” Ringo Starr revealed if John Lennon hated Paul McCartney yesterday.

Ringo Starr recently discussed singing “Act Naturally in a new Parade interview.

One big innovation you brought to the Beatles, as well as to rock, was to introduce country music by singing the Buck Owens hit “Act Naturally” in 1965. That was likely the first country-rock recording, before the Byrds did theirs three years later.

“I’ve always loved country music. We come from Liverpool, a port, so we actually were exposed to a lot of music. We were getting input, American record–wise, from the lads in the Navy. My friend Roy—we worked in the factory together—we both loved country music. It was in the first band I was in, the Eddie Clayton Skiffle Group. We decided, you know what, we can get drunk every night and play country music [laughs]. That’s the best thought of two 18-year-olds!”

You still tour often, and you don’t have to. Why do you stick with it?

“People keep saying, ‘Why are you still playing?’ That’s what I do! I’m not an electrician. As a lad, I used to think of other musicians, Boy, he’s still playing at 40! But they do it because some nights you get uplifted and it’s like getting high, in a clean way. Everyone in the audience knows that I love them and I know they love me.”

A sad Paul McCartney restaurant photo was recently revealed.