Nine Inch Nails Leak Painful Maynard James Keenan Photo


Former Nine Inch Nails and A Perfect Circle drummer Josh Freese has uploaded a new photo with Maynard James Keenan backstage at Tool’s show in San Diego a few days ago. Keenan is seen hilariously crying as he lies on a couch. Freese wrote, “Little couch time tonight with old friend MJK @puscifer #toolband.” Tool recently revealed if they’re breaking up after their 2020 tour.

Detailsofourending posted about the show on Reddit, “At exactly 845, Danny took his position and the crowd was thrown into an utter frenzy. Adam and Justin took their positions moments after, and they got right into Fear Inoculum. Maybe 60-90 seconds into it, Maynard emerged on one of his platforms, and the crowd once again erupted into a greater state of excitement. The setlist this show was the same as the “Descending set” from the fall 2019 tour. Fear Inoculum served as a great opener, but I felt the night really kicked into full gear with Aenima. As soon as Danny’s drums kicked in on Aenima, the place hit peak frenzy and really didn’t come down from there.

I’m not 100% certain, but I found myself more blown away by the visuals this time around, and I believe they switched them up from the fall tour. Maybe someone else can confirm this. Even just on edibles, the visuals had an extremely psychedelic effect on me. I cried during Pneuma. People around me were having full on spiritual breakthroughs. It was actually really entertaining to observe the power of the music on the people around me. One guy elevated his hands toward the band in a prayer gesture, and kept them up like that for a good five minutes. It was just awesome.

The band and the crowd were just on another level. Of the 9 shows I’ve been to, this was the best. Adam played the riff to A Passage to Bangkok as a lead in to Jambi. Danny then did an extra drum solo while a picture of Neil Peart was projected up behind the stage. Lots of people were wearing Rush attire. The entire arena had the feel of us witnessing a holy and sacred experience. I don’t think anybody in there took the night for granted. Everyone had Neil’s passing on their minds, and we were all faced with the reality that someday we won’t be able to see Tool play live anymore. In any event, it was definitely on the band members’ minds. They played their hearts out.” Maynard James Keenan also made a 2021 new album announcement.