The Rolling Stones Icon Rejected By Young Model At Bar


The Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood’s ex-wife Jo Wood discussed how he hit on her in a bar when they first met, and how she initially rejected him in a new Daily Mail piece. Wood attempted to use his fame to get with her, which she found to be a bit arrogant. Ronnie’s persistence paid off though, as they eventually got married and had a daughter. Keith Richards’ horrible illness from drugs was just detailed.

Jo said, “I’d been in front of the camera as a model, so it was fun to be the one taking the photos. When I first met Ronnie in 1977, I was 22 and living in London during the week, running around doing auditions and shoots while my mum looked after my little boy Jamie back home in Essex.

Ronnie had walked straight up to me at a party in Kensington and started chatting. He said, ‘Do you know who I am?’ and then whipped out a copy of the Stones album Black And Blue, pointing himself out on the cover. I just thought, ‘Oh my God, this guy deserves to be put in his place for being so full of himself.’ So I told him I worked in Woolworths on the broken biscuit counter, and he spent hours the next day standing on Oxford Street waiting for me to finish work, before somehow tracking me down at my flat.”

Keith Richards’ daughter revealed an embarrassing rejection photo. SKILLS posted, “It was very reflective of Bill’s personality which was revealed in Stone Alone, props for speaking about Mandy, would have like to have heard about his signature Bass Lines and the collaborations in the studio.

The Ray Charles segment was poignant and an insight into what he values, imagine not thinking yourself worthy to play alongside a legend whose just asked you to take part. Genuine humility.”

24FPS responded, “I wish someone of intelligence would evaluate Bill’s bass playing. Forget the Donald Duck stuff. Basically true, but there was so much more.”

Duke Richardson shot back, “ok what is there about Donald Duck, you mean Dunn, to forget? Bill was unique. he wanted to both anchor the music with Charlie, and to innovate when appropriate. lots of examples.

By the way, Duck Dunn could be thought of more as an accompanist..Dunn played on soooo many records…yet Bill found a band he could really gel with, didn’t he? He just wanted to, in his words, ‘lay back and fatten up the sound.'”

You can read the full Jo Wood interview at Daily Mail.