Slash Fires Guns N’ Roses Bandmate At Restaurant


Former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke revealed that Slash fired him from the band at a Casa Vega restaurant in a new Riki Rachtman’s Cathouse Hollywood Podcast interview. Slash recently revealed who is ‘back’ with Guns N’ Roses.

“Look, I didn’t want to do a solo record, I’d much rather do a Guns N’ Roses record, but the band was not gonna make a record for a long time. So, I got the offer, I asked the guys, ‘These are my songs, do you have any interest in them for GN’R in the future?’ They said no; I said, ‘Is it okay if I make a solo record?’; they said, ‘Absolutely, keep yourself busy.’ So, I did, I made the solo right after. I was already on tour doing my solo record, and during my break, I made the Slash’s Snakepit record with Slash and was gonna go on tour.

I was on the road for five years straight. The Guns thing, you know, basically, Slash said, ‘Meet me at Casa Vega.’ He goes ‘Axl doesn’t want you in the band anymore. I don’t know what it is, I honestly don’t, just go with it. I’m not saying this is permanent, I’m just saying this is what it is. He wants to work on some new music, he doesn’t see what we’re doing as viable.’

And that’s also the time when Slash decided to make the Slash’s Snakepit record. He [Axl] didn’t like Slash’s stuff either, but he wasn’t kicking Slash out of the band, so basically they didn’t fire me, but my paychecks stopped. And then a week later Slash had this revelation, he goes, ‘What the fuck are we doing? Are we going to replace Gilby?’. And he called me, ‘Everything’s fine, you’re in the band, don’t worry about it.’

But my paychecks never came back, and that was it. I was never officially fired from the band, but it just kind of ended, and I was busy, I had my solo record, I had Slash’s thing.”

Slash was told to ‘quit’ before a surprising tour. Gilby wrote on Instagram a few days ago, “@dead_dean & I rode our @harleydavidson out to Phoenix this weekend to watch @clevelandbrowns play. Browns got clobbered, but we had a great time riding & hanging out.”

He said as well, “@daniellaclarkestyle & I rode the new Road King down to Irvine to see @officialcheaptrick @zztop what a great night it was. it may sound redundant, but every time I get a chance to play with @officialcheaptrick @cheaptricktom @cheaptrickdaxx & Robin I cant stop smiling. they’re the best & I appreciate it every time. good to see pal @billyfgibbons also. BTW I really want to steal that Bo Diddley Gretsch.” Ultimate-Guitar transcribed Gilby’s comments.