Nirvana & Pearl Jam Members New Album Revealed


Pearl Jam (and former Soundgarden) drummer Matt Cameron recently posted on his Instagram a photo which showed a shot of Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic from a recent recording session that happened in the Avast! Recording Co. studio in Seattle, which was founded by Soundgarden’s live engineer, Stuart Hallerman. The studio has operated in two locations since it started with bands including Soundgarden, Band of Horses, Deathcab For Cutie. It was also previously noted that Nirvana’s pedophile lawsuit was dismissed for a weird reason.

Matt Cameron and Krist Novoselic might be working on a new album

The project they will be featured in has not been known as of yet. Rumors stated that it could be about the recordings happened in the last weeks for the new album of Hector Tellez Jr, a young artist with Cuban origins.

The caption accompanying the photo simply says “Tracking with Krist at @avastrecording” teasing fans as to whether this is an entirely new band, a one-off collaboration, or perhaps a guest appearance on a potential follow-up to Cameron’s 2017 solo album, Cavedweller (which featured Mark Guiliana on many of the drum tracks).

However, according to Hector Tellez Jr, this is a separate recording project. He said: “I recorded my album with Krist like a week before this recording. This is something different. I’m really excited about Krist and Matt anyway cause I’m a huge fan of both.

The photo shows Novoselic in a recording booth, but rather than his iconic Gibson Ripper or RD bass, Novoselic is playing a Gibson Hummingbird 6-string acoustic.

Among the artists who joined these recording sessions for Hector are Peter Buck from R.E.M., Barrett Martin from Screaming Trees and Eva Walker from The Black Tones.

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