Original Guns N’ Roses Member’s Return Confirmed, A-List Actor To Join Band?


Steven Adler has arrived in Buenos Aires and will be rejoining Guns N’ Roses for another special guest performance tonight at River Plate Stadium. Adler has taken photos with many fans in town. The performance will be a special one for Adler, as his wife Carolina is from South America.

Johnny Depp has also been spotted by fans in Buenos Aires, and is rumored to attend or perform at GNR’s Buenos Aires show.






L.A. Weekly reporter Art Tavana was recently interviewed on Appetite for Distortion and discussed Guns N’ Roses’ rumored 2016 offer to Matt Sorum. Alternative Nation transcribed the quotes.

“This is not a secret, Matt Sorum was offered the similar kind of Steven Adler thing, where hey, you can play a couple shows.”

He added, “He was offered spots, and he refused because he wasn’t getting paid what he thought he should have gotten paid is what I’m told.”

Matt Sorum tweeted in April that he ‘wasn’t asked’ to take part in the Guns N’ Roses reunion. “No sir, they didn’t ask me.”

Tavana also discussed Steven Adler.

“[Steven] Adler’s back is too injured to be a full time member of the band. I don’t think would have ever been a full time member of the band, even if he was fully healthy, because Frank [Ferrer] is an Axl guy, the same way Richard Fortus is, so that will never change. I don’t personally think [Adler] will be involved in songwriting, I don’t think he ever was. I love Adler, I think he’s one of the best parts of [Appetite for Destruction].”