Alice Cooper Reveals ‘Miserable’ Ozzy Osbourne Photo


The official Ozzy Osbourne Instagram recently shared their annual holiday picture – this year has Jack, Kelly, and Ozzy all wanting to wish everyone a wonderful and joyous holiday season, although Ozzy looks a bit down in the dumps! Somebody should tell him to cheer up, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! After all, Alice Cooper was one of several A-list icons to like the picture once it was revealed to the public. You can view it below. Ozzy Osbourne’s wife reveals what Paul Stanley did to her.

Paul Stanley confirmed his ‘last’ KISS concert. Fans also responded in kind after the picture was posted as well. Fellow Instagram user Jayne.l12 said: “Kelly you were phenomenal on the masked singer looking forward to hearing you put out a solo album.”While this user, jrmazzola’s put: “We share the same bday, Prayers to you and your family this Christmas.” and this fan replied: “kellee66 Happy holidays to you Ozzy n your family. Sending Sharon n Kelly happy holidays this Christmas.”

KISS icon Paul Stanley looks ‘miserable’ in train station photo. It wasn’t all praise however as some Instagram users took their time and energy to decide to be negative towards one of the leading families of rock and metal. Ddubya1966 snidely went: “You guys all look like you’re having the time of your lives. Seriously were you being punished or something? Did mom say you’ll get along or there will be no Christmas this year?”