Ozzy Osbourne Fat Gut Revealed In Sad Photo


Ozzy Osbourne always looks great, but in a new photo, he does have a little bit more to love! The official Instagram page for the Prince of Darkness is getting ready for Halloween by posting this throwback photo of himself from this black and white horror movie inspired photo shoot in which he descends upon his victim’s body. However, Osbourne’s gut is oddly hanging out in this one. You can view it below. This Ozzy Osbourne bad haircut photo was just revealed.

Ozzy Osbourne fans debated if Ozzy’s group Black Sabbath deserve the credit of creating heavy metal music in a recent topic on the Steve Hoffman Forums.

Lc1995 put: “I think the biggest two factors are Tony Iommi’s signature style (centered around simple, dark, distorted, crushing riffs) and Geezer Butler’s dark, heroic, occult, etc. lyrics. But Ozzy’s vocals are also great as well as Bill Ward’s drumming.

In my opinion, it’s not even up for debate that Sabbath was doing metal.

War Pigs was groundbreaking for 1970! I played a lot of Sabbath for my coworker the other day (somewhat familiar with rock but not to the extent of us Hoffmanites) and he was surprised when I told him it came out in 1970”

Ozzy Osbourne unloaded on threat to a child in this video. Tim1954 said: “Cue people starting to post hard rock, hard blues rock and psych as evidence that “heavy metal” predated the Sabs.

The “War Pigs” live footage above says it all. Nobody had EVER had the entire thing dialed in like that. And while they could “jam” with the best of them, their music was very much thoroughly arranged. The Who were loud and heavy, Blue Cheer was loud and heavy….. Cream, Hendrix, etc. etc. but all of these bands were looser and not playing the same type of riffs and progressions that Sabbath were able to juxtapose with lyrics that were so far off the typical paths of the time it was insane.

Sabbath could play nothing but fucking epics with one idea after another, tempo changes like I had never heard and all of it completely arranged. The “jamming” was left to a certain part of the live show. To me this is another important component of their innovations, because “metal” is most often arranged music, not distorted guitar feeding back over moving drums and bass or 5 minute songs turned into 15 minute songs, etc.

Sabbath’s music was different.” Ozzy Osbourne’s wife made this deadly cancer revelation a couple of days ago.