Ozzy Osbourne Horrible Nurse Comment Revealed


Ozzy Osbourne revealed in a new The Sun article that he needed nurses ’24/7′ when recovering from his fall at home earlier this year. Eddie Vedder and Ozzy Osbourne made a stunning announcement yesterday.

“It was the nerve pain that was excruciating and left me numb. You should have seen me a month ago. I was sitting in a rigid pose for three months. I had to have nurses 24/7. I am walking better now but I’m not 100 per cent on my feet. It has been unbelievable.”

Ozzy Osbourne made a brutal Elton John claim a couple of days ago. Ozzy fans recently debated the merit of his new collaboration with Post Malone. TheUncagedRage0 posted, “Can’t stand PM or rap in general. Not looking forward to this. If you’re not talented to make music, don’t bring in a legend and say “Hey! Look who I collabed with.” It makes the legend look worse. Like RHCP & PM at the Grammys, the hell was that?”

chefboleson said, “that’s literally not the point of posts collabs, his music can go with any genre and he can pull off any genre and respects every genre. hip hop, rock, country, pop, you can apply it all. people have been telling him to get a band for live shows for years and he has a handful of times. it’s not ‘get any legend for the sake of it and make a popular song.’ try actually listening to the song- and if you’re gonna label him as one genre do it with pop because he’s not rap lol.”

Ozzy Osbourne made a painful Slash revelation a few days ago. TheUncagedRage0 wrote, “To quote ‘The Dude’ “Well, that’s like just your opinion man”. And I’ve heard plenty of post music. Sounds like Ron Jeremy Got back in the game and is smacking away at Postys mouth.”

The Sun