Ozzy Osbourne Makes Disturbing Suicide Threat


Legendary Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne revealed that he would have considered suicide if he was paralyzed in his accident earlier this year at home that left him hospitalized. You can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. Ozzy Osbourne’s ‘monster’ offer to a singer was revealed a couple of days ago.

“I cannot describe to you the helpless feeling that I had,” he told Rolling Stone.

“I had to use [a walker] to go for a pee. I had to have nurses, day and night. Just being in hospital is enough to drive you nuts. I thank God I didn’t paralyze myself when I had that accident. I wouldn’t be here now. I would have jumped off the fucking roof — or fell off the roof, whatever.”

He also discussed his recovery process. “It’s kind of boring to be honest with you,” he says. “I’m used to getting up, getting on my elliptical and going for an hour or so and breaking a sweat. But I can’t do it. One day, I was doing an hour or two on the elliptical; now I can do just barely half an hour. I go out with a walking stick, and I walk up the road and I’m bushed.” To make matters worse, he’s developed blood clots in his legs — “I don’t know where they came from,” he says — and he’s on blood thinners. “The nurse told me, I have to be careful if I bang myself, because there’s a blood clot and all that shit,” he says. “It’s scary stuff … From 40 [years old] to 70 was OK and suddenly you get to 70 and everything caved in on me.”

Sharon Osbourne has revealed that Ozzy Osbourne has been devastated by his son Jack getting divorced from his now ex-wife Lisa Stelly. Stelly filed for divorce in May 2018. Lars Ulrich recently revealed what Ozzy Osbourne did to Metallica.

“Life goes so fast; it’s already been a year,” Sharon told People Magazine. “Jack and Lisa are at a good place with each other and it’s working out and it’s civil, no nastiness.”

“It’s been bad for Jack. The divorce has been really tough on him emotionally.”

“With a guy, there’s only so much that I can say [and] that I can do. It’s really his dad that he talks to about that because Ozzy’s been divorced,” Sharon says, referring to her husband’s split from Thelma Riley in 1982 after more than a decade of marriage.

“When Jack said that he was getting divorced, Ozzy cried. He said, ‘I’m crying for you because I know how painful it’s going to be, because I’ve been through it and I don’t want you to experience that pain,’ ” she adds. Ozzy was called a ‘mutant’ last week by a surprising name.