Paul Stanley Unloads On Final KISS Tour Backlash


Iconic KISS frontman Paul Stanley took to social media via Twitter to reveal this piece of valuable information regarding ‘the hottest band in the land’. Stanley wrote: “The END OF THE ROAD Continues Feb. 1st! The Ultimate KISS Spectacle YOU Won’t Forget. I Can’t Wait! Paul Stanley ‘backing out’ of KISS retirement claim leaks.

In other Paul Stanley and KISS news, fans recently took to the KISSFaq fan forum to discuss the possibility of the group releasing a final studio album within KISS’ ‘End of the Road’ tour run.

Jack Carter had his say by chiming in: “One thing is clear: one or two songs or a full album – Paul cannot be the producer/call the shots. They need a real producer and really swing for the fences with the absolute best that they can do at this stage and end their recording career with some quality songs to wash the bad taste of Monster out of people’s mouths. If Paul is not willing to allow someone else to call the shots, then forget it. It would be better to not release anything. Paul Stanley KISS ‘fraud’ finally confirmed, is he done?

While The Space Ace responded: “If Paul could just get over himself already, making a new album wouldn’t even be that big of a burden if they invited everyone back to contribute. If you had the original four plus Bruce, Eric, and Tommy (Vinnie would be great but I’d say it’s nigh impossible that Paul would work with him again), everyone could share songwriting duties and wouldn’t have to come up with a lot of new material. Plus I think that would just be a nice way to go out.”

KISS singer Paul Stanley leaks creepy feet photo. The user continued: “But in reality I think the closest thing we could ever get to another Kiss album would be Gene and Ace collaborating again. Honestly at this point what I’d like to see, if they’ve really settled their differences, is Ace and Gene form a new band once Kiss is done. Maybe they could get Anton Fig or Eric on drums and do the Kiss equivalent of “Heaven and Hell” Black Sabbath. Idk who would be a good fit for Paul’s vocals and rhythm guitar though, but there are many singers out there who can sound better than his current state.”