Ozzy Osbourne Passes Out For Heartbreaking Reason


Legendary Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne was recently interviewed by Billy Morrison on SiriusXM, and he discussed passing out at a job after shoving his head in a bucket and inhaling fumes. Alternative Nation transcribed his remarks. Howard Stern recently made a disturbing Ozzy Osbourne wife claim.

“I had so many say I wasn’t cut out for 9 to 5, I totally identify with that.” He added, “I worked on building sites, butchers, I had all kinds of jobs.”

“Then I was degreasing, you know you get car parts and you put it this a basket, and he’s got a sign, which he don’t want to show me: ‘Do not breathe fumes.’ So they found me passed out.”

Morrison asked, “So you put your head in the bucket and just lived in it? So that’s a job, degreasing?”

Ozzy responded, “Before they get chromed, you have to take all the shit off it, and put it in this basket.”

Ozzy Osbourne recently made a sad ‘Crack Cocaine’ revelation. He later said, “I worked in supermarkets.” He said about that job, “It’s like when it’s some old dude, ‘How much are your carrots?’ For you darling, nothing.” Ozzy said his bosses constantly told him he couldn’t do what he did, especially when it came to giving free things to customers. Ozzy mentioned that since he was 20, what he’s stuck to his music.

He also said about having to stop his farewell tour temporarily to take care of his health, “I was doing that farewell tour, and it was going great,” he continued. “I was singing better than I’ve sang [in a long time], and I was really happy. I went home for a short break and I got two staph infections in two of my fingers. God knows how that happened. That cleared up. Then I did the New Year’s Eve show at the Forum here in Los Angeles. That was the last gig I did, ’cause the following February, I went for a bathroom break in the night and lost my footing. I hit the deck like a fucking ton of bricks.” Ozzy recently cried after sad family divorce news.