Paul McCartney & Amber Heard Bombshell Revealed


Paul McCartney has been the focal point of a lot of attention lately. Thankfully, for Paul and his fans, most of the attraction to him has been through positive praise through his recent performances. Sadly, there is still some bad news when you are that focused on as some fans have been turning their back on the iconic artist.

Paul McCartney attracted criticism for playing a clip of Johnny Depp during his recent Glastonbury performance. The famous star played the Pyramid Stage on Saturday night (25 June) and became the festival’s oldest ever solo headliner at 80 years old.

During the act, there were some videos played to help to set the mood of the set. In one piece of the footage, there was shown video of Johnny Depp to which some fans were very uncomfortable with, as some lean on the side of Amber Heard, saying it disrespects Heard.

Many people took issue with the musician’s choice to play a video of Depp on the jumbo screen during his set. In the black-and-white clip, Depp is seen playing guitar and reciting the song’s lyrics in sign language.

This is not the first time that McCartney has played the clip featuring Depp at his concerts.

Sir Paul McCartney recently started to perform at Glastonbury 2022. He scripted history at the show by becoming the oldest ever solo headliner in the festival’s history. His performance comes a day after Billie Eilish showcased an electric set. She became the youngest ever solo headliner at Glastonbury, rocking out on stage with her brother Finneas and introducing her song Your Power with a harsh statement about the US Supreme Court’s Roe vs Wade decision. However, fans of The Beatles rocker who want to watch from home were left disappointed.

The BBC coverage of the performance did not begin until an hour after it began. The 80-year-old musician arrived at the Pyramid Stage at 9.30pm, opening his set with a rendition of The Beatles classic Can’t Buy Me Love.

However, when then fans went to BBC iPlayer and attempt to watch his show on the Glastonbury channel, it stated: “Watch Paul McCartney’s headline performance on the Glastonbury Channel on iPlayer and BBC One from 10.30pm” and it was much to many people’s annoyance.

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