Paul McCartney ‘Backside Grabbed’ In Beach Photo


Paul Mccartney superfan NowhereBecky recently took to Twitter to showcase this saucy and salacious photo of Sir Paul getting his buns squeezed by wife Nancy Shewell during a romantic beach getaway. The Twitter commenter in question commented: “Nancy is like “yeah I get to touch Paul Mccartney’s ass and I’ll do it in public too”. You can view this photo for yourself below. Paul McCartney girlfriend ‘gets wet’ in beach photo.

In other news regarding the legendary Paul McCartney fans recently took to the Beatles subreddit to discuss the merits and legacy of one McCartney’s solo body of work. Idreamofpikas proclaimed I can see why [you wouldn’t care for it]. It, sandwiched between his Beatle material and his awesome 70’s albums can at first seem a bit underwhelming. I personally like it a lot (though don’t love it), due to how good the songs are but the number of instrumentals on the album, as well as Junk being repeated twice, I can understand how some are disappointed in the (short) album. Your post may have fared better if you at least explained the problems you had with the album. Paul McCartney ‘abandons’ terrible performance.

The user later continued by saying: “I agree [that the instruments are the best part], but I can certainly understand why a new listener would not like them. On my first few listens I only enjoyed Momma Miss America from the instrumentals, I grew to love the others but I did find McCartney I to be underwhelming at first.

Paul McCartney caught ‘grabbing’ young woman at beach. Whereas heirbagger simply said: ” It’s legit my favorite. And my first solo Beatle record I ever bought. It’s cobbled together, sure, but I think that’s what makes it so endearing. I seriously get choked up every time I hear “Junk”.