Paul McCartney Caught ‘Grabbing’ Young Woman At Beach


This picture of the Beatles icon Paul McCartney was shared by the Twitter account ImagenRetro. The photo showcases Sir Paul holding a very beautiful yet random blond on the set of his movie ‘Help’. You can view it below. Paul McCartney ‘losing voice’ at concert revealed.

In other news regarding Paul McCartney and the Beatles, fans recently took to social media to look back on the aforementioned ‘Help’ motion picture. One fan proclaimed: ” The second Beatles movie and was just as I remember it as a kid in the 60’s. This movie was shot in color and John, Paul, George and Ringo found their niche with making movies. Their first movie was a day in the life type story while this was a zany run through a definitely strange day. Zany is an understatement, it is hilarious. Couple that with seven or eight of the greatest Beatles songs including Ticket to Ride and You’re Gonna Lose That Girl not to forget the theme song itself Help. Whether you remember the Beatles or not this is worthy of viewing, oh and the restoration of the film is terrific.” Paul McCartney recently leaks ‘gross’ George Harrison photo.

While another exclaimed: ” I loved A Hard Day’s Night unreservedly. Help! has a ridiculous plot, but transcends this handicap, simply because it’s such a pleasure to watch the Beatles fool around and perform their great songs. The director calls Help! a “Pop Art fantasy.” It was written at the end of 1964, and the director’s intro in the booklet enclosed puts the film into its cultural context. The second intro is by Martin Scorsese, and his insights are well worth having too.

The fan concluded: “The locations are arbitrary and delightful. I especially loved the scene of the Beatles skiing and playing in the snow in the Austrian Alps. It was also exhilarating to watch them perform on a scrubby beach in the Bahamas and on a field on Salisbury Plain. Two stars for the plot. Five stars for the Beatles and the film’s production values. Paul McCartney recently caught wearing terrible wig in photo.

  • SeattleFan

    I really hope you get sued.

    • rush junior

      I emailed the link to Paul. My brother is his roadie. It WILL be addressed.

      • pshaw

        Yo could you provide me with the email? Your brother is actually his roadie???!

  • Stephen Brown

    Please stop your bullshit, and bashing Rock Icons. Go back to your mom’s basement and play video games.

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    OMG! He just GRABBED that girl like a sexual predator! There should be a law! Thank you, thank you, thank you Alternative Dalmatian, for doing the hard work! Without your informative and hard-hitting reporting, it would be tempting to think this was something that happened 50 years ago while making a movie. Maybe you can look into Kurt Cobain’s alleged suicidal tendencies. With your help, maybe Kurt can get the assistance he so desperately needs! Remember: Light dies in darkness. Only you can prevent wildfires! Try not to do it in the road. The best-laid plans of mice are often astray. When the going gets tough, it’s not worth doing. Oh, and this message for Mike Mazzarone: turn blue, chump.

    • This headline is absolutely ridiculous. Leave the man alone, you should be ashamed for trying to make it seem like he’s done something wrong now when this photo is from the set of a film he made when he was a young man!!!

  • Nicholas Novaco

    This just in: Mike Mazzarone caught “writing” shitty trash.

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    If anyone sees ” Help” , they will understand that picture.

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    Does this site have no standards?

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  • Velma

    Is this all people have to bother about , from ’65 ? For goodness sake , she was on the film or a fan ? She didn’t seem to be protesting