Red Hot Chili Peppers Call Out John Frusciante ‘Cash Grab’


Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea responded to rumors that the John Frusciante reunion will just be a cash grab ‘greatest hits’ tour, as he has liked a tweet confirming that Frusciante will be back for multiple albums and tours. John Frusciante secretly calling a big name before Red Hot Chili Peppers fired Josh Klinghoffer was just revealed.

A fan named Mr. J tweeted, “Does this mean your next album is with John?” Another fan named Paul shot back, in a tweet that Flea liked, “Yeah, I suppose that’s what ‘John is back’ means, he will do what band members do, record albums and play live.”

Red Hot Chili Peppers fans on Reddit recently revealed how a surprising album could have been the band’s undisputed best record. Strattele1 posted, “Popular Opinion: Stadium Arcadium if it was a standard 12-track would be the undisputed best RHCP album of all time. Click bait title because BSSM vs Stadium would of course be debated for centuries to come regardless. BUT these recent threads ranking the albums got me thinking.

Almost the only criticism of SA is that it is so long and cumbersome, and for most RHCP fans this isn’t a problem, but I admit when objectively ranking the albums it does hurt that it’s not a coherent piece of work.

If the album looked like this, would there be any debate? For me it’s this, what’s yours?

Dani California
Snow (Hey Oh)
Stadium Arcadium
Slow Cheetah
Strip My Mind
Wet Sand
Desecration Smile
Hard to Concentrate
She Looks to Me
Death of a Martian.”

RonaldMcTrumpster responded, “Sorry guys. Unpopular Opinion of mine against the grain: Even shortening SA to 12 tracks doesnt make it come close to their heights (Californication, BSSM and By The Way). At each tracklist here i see tracks that i think are mediocre to each song of those albums. Songs like Stadium Arcadium, Charlie or Dani California are songs that are not so unique. They feel like a homage to some greats in the past but don’t have enough going for them to make them worthwhile as their highest level. Look. Let such a song compete against Breaking the Girl or Sir Psycho Sexy. Or let it be up against Warm Tape or Midnight. And then let the best songs of SA like Wet Sand or Desecration Smile be up against Otherside or Can’t Stop.

Also: You would have to have Especially In Michigan in that 12-track! Maybe 12 tracks would make the album better because some songs are some of their weakest of their discography (Animal Bar and Cmon Girl) but it wouldn’t get the album close to their best work. This being said, SA outshines IWY and The Getaway. It is not bad. It is just for their level not their Opus.” John Frusciante being accused of ‘betraying’ Josh Klinghoffer was just detailed.