Paul McCartney Calls Out Bad ‘Amateur’ Performance


The Beatles icon Paul McCartney said that early Wings shows were ‘too amateur’ and that he actually agreed with negative reviews on his website. Very humble words from one of the greatest musicians of all time! McCartney revealed how cancer devastated his family just a couple of days ago.

“So again, it was something to have fun with. You know this whole ‘fun’ thing attitude keeps cropping up, to the point where I sometimes think, ‘Should I get a bit more serious?’* Well, the answer has never been, ‘Yes!’ It’s like, ‘No! Why? It’s too late to start now!’

Well, it does get serious when you get a review for being too amateur, which we were at the beginning of Wings. We just didn’t really know what we were doing and at that time we were doing these little university tours and, you know, charging 50p on the door. I mean, you can’t get more amateur than that kind of thing.

But, as we went on, Linda [McCartney] improved and her keyboard skills improved, so when Wings were doing the big world tours, she was a very important and a very integral part of the group. She was a great sort of cheerleader, she’d really get the audience going and she had great personality on stage.” Paul McCartney revealed a few days ago why a famous female singer was ‘punk.’