Scott Stapp Announces Horrible Creed Loss


Creed singer Scott Stapp revealed how Mark Tremonti lost a prized guitar after a robbery in a new WAAF interview. Scott Stapp revealed recently what really killed Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington.

“We pulled up in a van – we didn’t have a bus yet, we were just getting started, we parked right in front of the hotel. I think we went to the radio station and actually did a performance that morning or the day before. So, we got up early, we did that, and then we ended up at the hotel.

We come out of the hotel the following morning and our van is on blocks…The wheels are gone, and the trailer has been taken off our van, the chains connecting it – cut, and the trailer was gone. So, all our gear for the show that night was stolen.”

Stapp revealed a few weeks ago how he got a got from Mark Tremonti earlier this year. He added, “At that point in time in our career, Mark [Tremonti, guitar] was playing Les Paul – that was before he switched to PRS – he had his Les Paul, that I guess he got from his parents as a gift when he was maybe 14-15 years old. Don’t hold me to that number, but I know it was, like, his prized possession, and that was taken.

So, they found the trailer, like, somewhere miles and miles away, everything – gone. And so that night, we had to do a show and so we played our first show in Boston using Fuel’s gear because Fuel was out on tour with us. So they played and then we just used their gear and made it through the show. And it was an awesome show, we had a great time, the turnout was great, but that was our first experience in Boston as a band.”

He also said, “There was an emotional attachment to some of those instruments because we weren’t at a place yet where we had endorsements, tons of guitars…We had bought our own stuff, and so this was stuff that we purchased with our own money or gotten as a gift as a child… And so for years, we’ve been trying to find that Les Paul. As far as I know, that Les Paul has never been found.”

Ultimate-Guitar transcribed Stapp’s remarks. Scott Stapp revealed an eerie Scott Weiland secret recently.