Paul McCartney Wife Reveals Sad ‘Overweight’ Photo


Paul McCartney‘s late wife, Linda McCartney shared this iconic vintage photo that she was lucky enough to have had the privilege to snap, a photo of a beautiful overweight woman going for a walk.  One recent photo shows her husband, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and an upset looking Ringo Starr in the recording studio. This picture was taken during the recording process of the group’s landmark 1968 album ‘The White Album’, colorfully also known as ‘The Beatles’ and was snapped a couple of years before the group would ultimately disband. Paul McCartney’s daughter recently bent over for this actor in a new photo.

Paul McCartney ‘worse’ paycheck than Elton John recently revealed. In other news revolving Paul McCartney, Sir Paul himself recently sat down with and gave this quote to Beatles fans all around wondering, at what point in the songwriting process does the man called Macca to come up with his unique song titles.

To which McCartney stated: “Probably at the end of the song! You just sort of look at it and think, ‘Oh, that’s probably the title’. So then you just call it that. There’s normally something you’ve made into a chorus that you’ve repeated a couple of times so it seems obvious that that is the title. Sometimes there are a few choices: you can either go with that obvious one, or you can go with the first line sometimes. But I normally go with the one that seems most obvious because I’ll remember it easiest, and hopefully other people will too.” Paul McCartney’s ‘worse’ paycheck than Elton John was revealed not too long ago.