Ozzy Osbourne Wife Reveals Why Queen Hated Freddie Mercury


Legendary Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne’s wife has claimed in a new interview that Queen members Brian May and Roger Taylor ‘hated’ Freddie Mercury, and that Bohemian Rhapsody claiming May came up with great ideas is a lie, and that he only did what Mercury told him to do. She also claimed May and Taylor are enjoying the spotlight at an older age with Mercury long dead, as they are out on tour with Adam Lambert. An Ozzy Osbourne bandmate revealed a sad Jimi Hendrix remark just a few days ago.

Sharon told Celebrity All Access, “Oh my gawd. Freddie Mercury, and his girlfriend (Mary Austin) were big friends of mine, and Freddie hated their manager (Norman Sheffield of Trident Recording, Publishing and Management). So they asked me if we would consider taking then on. I said, ‘Of course.’ I go to my dad and everybody’s over the moon. And that was it. They came to us. That year, probably ’74 or ’75, we had a Christmas party and I had John Reid there who was another friend of mine. And Freddie and John Reid then met, and the rest is history.”

“Nobody could compete with Freddie. Nobody could compete with Freddie Mercury. First of all his vocal range was untouchable. Nobody had his vocal range. And he was just electric onstage. You couldn’t compete with Freddy. He played every instrument in the world. And that was it. Go on.”

She said she didn’t see Bohemian Rhapsody.

“I did not like it. I cannot watch it. Listen I know that kid got the Oscar, but I can’t watch it.”

She added, “But please don’t give me the shit in that movie about Brian doing this, and Brian doing that. Brian [May] did what Freddie told him to do, and that’s it. And you know what? It’s like finally these two [Brian May and Roger Taylor] have got to their late 60’s, and finally, finally, they have got the attention that they always wanted, but never got because of Freddie.

As you say, you watched Queen you didn’t give a shit about anybody else. You were drawn to Freddie. And who did anyone want to write about? Nobody but Freddy. So there were these frustrated fuck musos that sat at home going, ‘We hate Freddie. We hate Freddie.’ And that was it.”

An Ozzy Osbourne bandmate made a sad sell out claim just a few days ago. Brian May wrote about the first 2019 Queen + Adam Lambert show.

“Ah ! So there’s a video of my cyborg counterpart’s debut performance ! Thank you @mary26terry for this capture. Now the dust has settled, I’m happy that everyone in the arena last night in Vancouver thought he was me. He needs a little more work. His bends are a little under; evidently he couldn’t hear what he was doing very clearly. Audio feedback is essential in a live situation, even for robots! But soon he will be all perfectly programmed and I will be able to enjoy a quiet drink backstage while he plays the whole show. Bri. 💥💥💥💥Thanks for the info, folks. I understand I owe thanks to user PEPOKISS on YouTube. Thanks !!! Good one ! Bri.”