Paul McCartney Hair Pulled By Girl In Photo, Is He Bald?


The Beatles icon Paul McCartney has an Instagram page for his late wife Linda McCartney, and it focused on some of her great photography. In one photo posted yesterday in Campbeltown, Scotland from the 1970’s, McCartney’s young daughter pulls his hair, and it’s definitely real with no signs of balding! Paul McCartney was spotted with Michael Jackson’s sister in an unearthed photo yesterday.

“She would just see things. Many of her photos, it’s just that one click. You’ve got to recognise when a great photo is happening in front of you. And then you’ve got to snap it at exactly the right moment… And she did that so many times that it always impressed me.” @PaulMcCartney. Featured in #ThePolaroidDiaries @TASCHEN. More information at”

Paul McCartney wrote a heartbreaking goodbye note a couple of days ago. Another post a couple of weeks ago said, “Launched last night at the @vamuseum, #ThePolaroidDiaries published by @TASCHEN shows an intimate and highly personal side of Linda’s photographic work. Chosen from thousands of Polaroids in her vast archive the book features interspersed portraits, still lifes, and interior compositions that affirm Linda’s bold eye for pattern, texture, colour, and an elegant use of light. More information at”

McCartney’s page also posted, “#ThePolaroidDiaries focuses on Linda’s distinctive way of seeing the world, through charming and quirky portraits of Paul and their four children. Featuring more than 200 Polaroids from the early 1970s until the mid-1990s, it’s a pre-Instagram glimpse into the life of an extraordinary family, a celebration of Linda’s legacy as a fiercely committed artist and of the instant magic of Polaroid film. More information at” Paul McCartney revealed if Ringo Starr played a real role in songwriting with The Beatles yesterday.