Slipknot Member Takes Creepy Backstage Photo With Woman


The official Instagram account for Slipknot posted the following picture. The picture is of bandmate and rhythm guitarist Mick Thomson in full, creepy, Slipknot garb posing with his wife Stacy backstage after a recent show. This Slipknot member almost fronted a very surprising band. The couple recently celebrated their seventh year together as husband and wife and you can see the acknowledgement from the Instagram account along with the photo below:

⑦ Years Strong. Happy Anniversary, Mick & Stacy. @7mick7 @stacyseven

Corey Taylor’s ‘ruthless’ video angered Slipknot fans. In other recent Slipknot news, guitarist Jim Root turned forty-seven years old not too long ago and fans on the official Slipknot Facebook page ushered in plenty of birthday wishes.

Steven said: “Happy Birthday Jim. Thank you for all the awesome music you and the Des Moines boys give us . Thank you and have a fucking awesome Birthday brother .You deserve it. Congratulations on the number one Album in the world.”

Andrew put: “happy birthday BIG FELLA !!!!!!! the strength and hope and enjoyment that you have given to us through yours and your bandmates talents ,skills and perseverance will never be underestimated or undervalued !!!!!!! have a special day !!!!!!!!!!!

Matthew chimed in with: “First time I met Jim, I gave him the Veil of Maya album in Jacksonville, and we instantly bonded on being mid-western guys. Happy birthday from me to you, on my birthday as well! 🤘

Loyur posted: ” Hey man, not sure if you know this, but you’re my Dad’s cousin! Lot of my buddies in the corps love listening to your music. Keep on killin it my man! 🤘This Slipknot member was knocked out in a recent sad alcohol video [was it Corey Taylor?]