Paul McCartney Knocked Out By A-List Star In Photo


Paul McCartney, as well as all of each one of The Beatles,  were ‘down for the count’ as the official Twitter account for iconic fab four drummer Ringo Starr tweet out this throwback photo of former heavyweight boxing champion of the world, Muhammad Ali with his hands in the air after ‘knocking out’ The Beatles. Paul McCartney’s daughter was recently filmed ‘dating’ Drew Barrymore.

This particular picture was taken on February 18, 1964, The Beatles were in Miami Beach to perform on the Ed Sullivan show and were taken to the training camp of boxer Cassius Clay, later known as Muhammad Ali. You can view it below:

Fans of The Beatles and Paul McCartney debated which of these following two late-era Paul albums, Flaming Pie or Chaos and Creation in the Backyard is the better one and why in a recent topic within The Beatles subreddit. Pink Floyd revealed this Paul McCartney money ripoff a couple of days ago.

Dan_pyle answered: “Flaming Pie is my second favorite post-Beatles album (after RAM). It seems to me like Paul came off the Anthology sessions with an urge to just have a good time making music again, and it really shows. Chaos and Creation in the Backyard is a great album for sure, and maybe better made technically, but it doesn’t make me nearly as happy as Flaming Pie.”

Thatfailedcity said: “Both are top records. Flaming Pie is more Beatlesy and has more melodies (following Paul’s revived Beatles nostalgia after the Anthology), but Chaos has a big upper hand in production (Paul brought in Radiohead producer for it). They both should make his top 5 records.”

Paul McCartney ‘angered’ his son in this emotional photo. Ned1son replied: “Flaming Pie is a great record, but the clarity in songwriting, production, and performance on Chaos puts it over the top for me. Plus I’ve never really been a fan of the Steve Miller jam tracks, they kind of bring the flow of the record to a halt, whereas all the tracks on Chaos flow beautifully.”