Paul McCartney Photographed Drunk At Surprising Wedding


A rare photo of Paul McCartney drunk at The Beatles bandmate George Harrison’s wedding has surfaced on Twitter. Jimmy Page made a bold McCartney remark earlier this week.

History Lovers Club tweeted, “A very drunk Paul McCartney at George Harrison and Patti Boyd’s wedding in 1966.”

McCartney recently said he forgets some of his songs in a new Daily Mirror interview, “I have to re-learn everything. I’ve written an awful lot, you can’t retain them all,” he shared. “We go in rehearsal and I’m (like), ‘Oh yeah, that’s how it goes.’”

He was asked if he still thinks the songs are ‘pretty good’, and he responded: “I do, I really do. Some of the old songs you say: ‘Oh, that’s clever, I wouldn’t have done that.’

“It’s exciting to think that still works. We were a little rock and roll group from Liverpool, it just kept going.”

He has a ‘Grandude’ children’s book coming out in September and says he “hopefully” has a new album on the way, “Writing music is still a thrill – out of nowhere you produce a rabbit. If you get one you like it’s a great feeling.”

McCartney recently wrapped his ‘No Filter’ North American stadium tour, which included a reunion performance with Ringo Starr at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.

discussed his granddaughters and grandsons not respecting his fame when they were younger in a new interview with Al Roker. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.

Al Roker recently asked if McCartney’s grandkids when they were younger had an idea that he’s a world famous musician. McCartney also made a ‘freaky’ John Lennon and Ringo Starr claim to Roker.

McCartney responded, “No, no they didn’t. You say, ‘People come to see me! People pay to come and see me! I’m famous!’ ‘Yeah, alright. We’re watching TV.’ They gradually get the fame thing, like people always wanting a photo of me, but they’re cool with it.”