Paul McCartney Reveals Bandmate Was ‘Terrified’ Before Death


Paul McCartney made a sad revelation about John Lennon before his death, according to John’s sister Julia, revealing how terrified he was of the world. Julia recalled her and John’s mother being killed by a car while crossing the road in 1958. Ringo Starr revealed how he and Paul McCartney ‘ended’ The Beatles yesterday.

Julia told ECHO’s Beatles City podcast, “You have to deal with it. You haven’t got a choice. Carry on, carry on. Either that or jump in the Mersey.

“He was 17. I was 11 and Jackie was eight – so there’s no doubt whatsoever that Jackie was the one that was hit worst.

“John was able to go out and about and express himself in other ways. Paul McCartney said in something he wrote that John was on a bus and would go backwards and forwards and not get off it. I suppose it was the only place he could be entirely by himself.”

Julia said the family rarely heard from her brother after The Beatles became a smash success and he built a new life for himself in America. She said, “We didn’t realise as a family that John was as spaced out as he was.”

Paul McCartney revealed a horrible Prince death secret last week. John Lennon fans on his Reddit recently discussed the secrets to his songwriting. Musicman8804 wrote, “Studying John’s Songwriting? Any other musicians out there? I would love to learn more about John’s songwriting. I’m looking for insights on his chord selection and melodies. I want to study from the greatest. So I welcome any songwriters/musicians out there to weigh in with what they’ve noticed and observed. thank you!

Stagenam3 responded, “Very naturally occurring melodies without too much jump in range between notes and I believe loved the flat 6th chord especially in early Beatles work.”