Paul McCartney Reveals What He Stole From Bono


The Beatles icon Paul McCartney recently gave an interview with his official website, Here, the man that they call ‘Macca’ discussed a wide variety of topics. Firstly, revealing how the sensational U2 frontman, Bono influenced him for his 2012 hit ‘My Valentine’ off of the album ‘Kisses on the Bottom.’ Paul McCartney revealed recently If George Harrison went broke.

McCartney stated: “The Director of the show had the idea to sing something through a megaphone. Well, I’ve seen Bono do it, but it’s more on louder songs or like an announcement. I thought it would be great to bring it down and use it very intimately, and that made me think of the song ‘My Valentine’, which we were originally going to do just how we usually do, on the piano with the band. But we thought of this new way to do it. But it was originally his idea, Arturo Perez, who had some nice ideas for the show and that was one of them!” Paul McCartney recently unloaded on this Michael Jackson ripoff.

McCartney also discussed his 2018 track ‘Caesar Rock’ and what inspired its sound saying: “That was one that I made up in my own studio, with just me and my engineer, Steve. It has some kind of slightly experimental ideas on it. I wasn’t doing it for anything in particular, but then I liked the vibe and made it into a song. The original version was much longer!”

Lastly, Sir Paul was asked about his personal life being asked what he and his wife, Nancy like to watch together. Revealing: “The most recent was ‘Mission Impossible’. And years ago, when we first met, we watched the film about Bobby Kennedy.” Paul McCartney’s daughter revealed this Madonna alcohol photo.