Paul McCartney Unloads On Michael Jackson Ripoff


The Beatles icon, Paul McCartney recently spoke to Billboard about a plethora of topics. Here, the legendary co-founder of the ‘Fab Four’ discussed his 2017 lawsuit with Sony/ATV in which he was able to buy back the rights to his catalog of the Beatles’ Lennon-McCartney songs. In 1969, McCartney and Lennon attempted to buy the original publisher of the catalog for the Beatles – Northern Songs. Paul McCartney’s daughter revealed this Madonna alcohol photo.

However, ATV Music won that effort. When ATV Music went up on the market a decade and a half later, Sir Paul would try his hand once again – only to lose out by another music icon, Michael Jackson. Jackson would end up buying the company to the tune of $47.5 million dollars back in 1985. Paul McCartney recently reacted to awful “Yesterday” performance.

McCartney stated to the outlet: “I don’t want to talk too much about it, but there’s a certain right under U.S. law where these things revert to me. [For songs written before 1978, creators can file for “copyright termination” Fifty-six years after works were registered to get back the rights to their work in the United States, although there have been questions about how this applies to contracts originally signed in other countries.] Sony didn’t agree. And then they came to us, tail between their legs [to settle, which resulted in a confidential June 2017 deal], and said, “One condition is that you don’t really talk about it.” Believe me, I would love to give you every single detail. It’s only [the] U.S.” Rush singer Geddy Lee was disrespected by Paul McCartney the other day. 

You can read the rest of the interview via Billboard HERE.