Paul McCartney Reveals If George Harrison Went Broke


The official Twitter account for Paul McCartney and The Beatles recently revealed the following quote. The quote is actually an old interview snippet from acclaimed Beatles co-founder Paul McCartney reflecting on when The Beatles were in Rishikesh, India, studying Transcendental Meditation at the ashram of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. George [Harrison] would celebrate his 25th birthday.  Paul McCartney recently unloaded on this Michael Jackson ripoff. McCartney said that The Beatles, including Harrison, were rich, and weren’t dumb with their money going broke.

The quote’s overall message of the quote was while it was great to be famous and rich, it was questionable whether or not that was fulfilling on a spiritual level. Therefore, the band was mentally broke and exhausted. The official quote states:

“I think by 1968 we were all a bit exhausted, spiritually. (…) I think generally there was a feeling of: ‘Yeah, well, it’s great to be famous, it’s great to be rich – but what’s it all for?” – Paul.

In other news revolving Paul McCartney, the man called ‘Macca’ has recently announced his first tour dates for the new year! McCartney recently confirmed that he will be playing two dates over in Napoli, Italy at the Piazza del Plebiscito. Those shows take place on June 10th as well as June 13th of the new year. Paul McCartney’s daughter revealed this Madonna alcohol photo.

On the official Facebook page for the Beatles, fans reacted to the news accordingly as Jane said: ” It’s wonderful that he is still able to do what he has loved to do his entire life and does such a good job of it too.

Whereas Jeann wrote: “I have loved him [Paul McCartney] since I was seven and The Beatles first came to America I never dreamed I would ever get to see him in concert but my dream came true in 2014! I will remember that experience the rest of my life.”

Paul McCartney reacted to this awful “Yesterday” performance the other day. And Linda responded: ” I saw him in ’93(?) at the Silver Dome. I entered a contest for tickets and won! Little did I know my husband had already purchased three tickets for myself and two friends. I sold the two winning tickets to two more friends and we all had a great time. Hope to see Paul at least one more time and I’m sure, like most of us gals, I really want to meet him. Yeah, right.”

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