Paul McCartney Reveals What Johnny Depp Did To Wife


With the holiday season fast approaching, Paul McCartney and his lovely daughter Stella recently gave an interview with the UK-based outlet, The Times to discuss some lovely vegetarian holiday meal ideas, what’s on their table for the holidays and how this style of cooking helps to keep Paul’s widow Linda’s legacy alive. Ringo Starr recently unloaded on Paul McCartney ‘hatred’.

Talking to the outlet, Stella McCartney said of Linda that: “She was so ahead of her time. We just always try to push things forward. The thing about her food is that it’s not punishment. It tastes great and it’s like home cooking. [“It’s damned good,” her father interjects.] She was one of the first people in the country to write a vegetarian cookbook.”

Sir Paul then says discusses how Linda’s ways helped A list stars such as Johnny Depp and Alec Baldwin go vegetarian by saying: “The cool thing about Linda is that she would challenge someone about eating meat, but she had this very charming way of doing it so it never became an argument. She would say about a lamb or calf, ‘Its mummy loves it.’ We’d think, ‘We’ve talked about it, but they’re not going to do it.’ But then you start to find people like Alec Baldwin and Johnny Depp suddenly turn veggie. They got the idea.” Ringo Starr recently revealed why Paul McCartney ‘ended’ The Beatles.

You can read the rest of the interview HERE.