Roger Waters Show Canceled For ‘Career Threatening’ Reason


Roger Waters has seemingly hit “The Wall”. According to the co-founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation, Adam Milstein has been actively fighting back against the Pink Floyd legend for his alleged anti-Israel comments. David Gilmour recently revealed how Roger Waters ‘ruined’ Pink Floyd.

As noted a group of pro-Isreal activists protesting the screening of the Roger Waters documentary ‘Us + Them’ in Los Angeles. However, the controversy regarding Waters stems back as far back as 2013 when he was criticized for floating a pig-shaped balloon with the Jewish star of David during one of his concerts. Most recently, the Pink Floyd singer has called for a boycott of the Jewish homeland. You can read Milstein’s comments below.

In other news regarding Roger Waters’ former band fans of Pink Floyd took to the group’s subreddit to discuss what ‘Another Brick in the Wall’ means to them and the meaning behind the classic track. Pink Floyd ripped ‘amateur’ Roger Waters performance the other day.

One fan said: “I see it referring to dystopian viewpoints of organized “education” in Waters (and many others) upbringing. Thus the faceless characters falling into a meat grinder. The literal school teachers and their treatment of the students make this pretty clear too. I’d say in my opinion, it refers to all of us being treated as numbers in the system; from early schooling to death. That can also be seen to tie into Waters distaste for a senseless war. That theme can be seen through Waters entire career and obviously through The Wall.”

The user continued: “Secondly, I see that the phrase of “another brick in the wall” tied in with “all and all”, admits that these bricks that we can build up are inevitable and very real – and common. And by building a wall around yourself, away from Outsiders and outside viewpoints (along with the Truth), you alienate and disregard yourself entirely. Drugs, social alienation, and mental illness are again seen throughout The Wall, Another Brick in the Wall, etc. Syd influences, no doubt.” Pink Floyd called out a bad Roger Waters album not too long ago.