Paul McCartney Secret ‘Terminal Disease’ Treatment Revealed


In news regarding the late wife of the Beatles legend Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney Linda’s official music videos are now available to watch on her official YouTube channel. These videos are for songs that were released on the re-release of Wide Prairie – the posthumous 1998 compilation of Linda McCartney recordings which was the only album to be released under the Linda McCartney name, and in celebration of the Linda McCartney Retrospective making its UK debut at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow. You can view the channel HERE. Paul McCartney leaks creepy George Harrison death photo.

Here Paul McCartney discusses one of Linda’s most beloved songs: “The Light Comes From Within: “If ‘I Got Up’ showed Linda’s strong opposition to oppression, then ‘The Light’ took it a few steps further. During the last couple of years of her life, we were required to make many trips “up to London” for one treatment or another. We always tried to put the journey time to good use. She and I talked a lot about this album, and the lyrics to this song were finished during one such trip.” Paul McCartney ‘grabbed’ by younger woman in video.

And here, McCartney sheds light on another Linda McCartney track: “Seaside Woman”

[This] was the first song Linda wrote. Her delight in being exposed to the Caribbean lifestyle inspired this beautiful response. The song was made by Linda and Oscar Grillo into an animated short which went on to win the Cannes Film Festival’s prestigious Palme d’Or.” – Paul

In other Paul and Linda McCartney news, fans took to social media recently to discuss the impact and legacy of the aforementioned ‘Wire Prairie’ album. One fan said: “I purchased the album after sampling some of the songs. I found the songs I sampled to be charming and whimsical. I was not disappointed after listening to the whole way through. These songs are not only delightful, but Linda’s vocals on the title track are also amusing. I cracked up when I first heard the song, with the backcountry vocal twang…very clever. I also love “Oriental Nightfish” for the same reason. I think her vocal performance is very good on this album. I find the lyrics to be charming. With the polished, superb musicianship of Paul and other members of Wings along with her own keyboards, this turned out to be a fine album. Linda’s personality really comes through in “I Got Up” and “The White Coated Man” (a song that has special meaning to me). Paul did a fine job compiling this album. Glad I found out about this gem of a record.” Paul McCartney caught grabbing young girl in sad photo.