Paul McCartney Reacts To Awful “Yesterday” Performance


Paul McCartney was interviewed by the BBC recently to discuss various topics. Here, the iconic co-vocalist of the Beatles discussed new artists covering his classic hits such as ‘Yesterday’ and if artists have a responsibility to bring people together in difficult times. Alternative Nation transcribed the comments below. Rush singer Geddy Lee was disrespected by Paul McCartney the other day.

Interviewer: Do you feel artists have a responsibility to bring people together at difficult times or should they just reflect on what is going on? Paul McCartney revealed why John Lennon was ‘jealous’.

Paul McCartney: I think artists are just people who just happen to say stuff. I don’t think it’s a responsibility. If people have a good thought and put it out like ‘All You Need Is Love’ and put it out to the people and the people accept it then I think that’s a great thing. Give peace a chance [for example]

Stella McCartney: How old were you when you did ‘All You Need Is Love’?

Paul McCartney: Me?

Stella: That’s just insane, well you in your teens when you came up with ‘All You Need Is Love’?

Interviewer: We’ll give it to John. That’s a good answer. When you step into a lyft now at a hotel and you hear sort of this muzak playing ‘Yesterday’, does it make your blood run cold or do you love it? Paul McCartney revealed recently if John Lennon went broke.

Paul: No, I love it, its a song that I wrote so the fact that someone can be bothered to record it I just think wow.

Interviewer: Do you sing along?

Paul: [Laughs] No.