Ringo Starr Reacts To The Rolling Stones Tragedy


The Beatles icon Ringo Starr has confirmed and reacted to the death of renown music photographer Terry O’Neill. O’Neill was known for filming such names during their come-up as The Rolling Stones and David Bowie. He had a long-running battle with prostate cancer and was eighty-one years of age during the time of his passing. Ringo Starr recently revealed if John Lennon widow ruined The Beatles.

Acclaimed drummer for the Beatles, Ringo Starr had this to say about the passing via his official Instagram page: “God bless Terry O’Neill incredible photographer and good friend peace and love to all his family. Ringo.”

The Beatles’ Ringo Starr revealed horrible disease news recently. In addition, the agency Iconic Images posted the following statement in regards to O’Neill’s death: “As one of the most iconic photographers of the last sixty years, his legendary pictures will forever remain imprinted in our memories, as well as in our hearts and minds.”

A biography on the agency’s website said: “O’Neill realized that youth culture was a breaking news story on a global scale and began chronicling the emerging faces of film, fashion, and music who would go on to define the swinging 60s. By 1965, he was being commissioned by the biggest magazines and newspapers in the world.” Ringo Starr recently revealed if John Lennon hated George Harrison.