Paul McCartney Young Woman ‘Disrespect’ Revealed


The Beatles icon Paul McCartney’s Carpool Karaoke episode recently won an Emmy, and McCartney celebrated on Twitter, writing, “Well done to @JKCorden and @benwinston for their ‘When Corden Met McCartney’ #Emmys win. Thanks to the audio team of David Kahne and Paul ‘Pab’ Boothroyd.” Paul McCartney’s late wife smoking with a rock icon was revealed in a photo earlier this week.

Popular writer and podcast host Toure host McCartney’s win disrespectful of Beyonce, tweeting, “Emmy voters chose Jim Corden’s Carpool Karaoke chatty chat with Paul McCartney over Beyonce’s massive production that was a salute to HBCU culture for Outstanding Variety Special. What in the actual fuck? The disrespect for Black culture is clear.”

Small Screen Girl responded, “Beyonce has been denied Emmys for #Lemonade, #Homecoming, and Album of the Year for #Lemonade despite being one of the most iconic and revolutionary musicians of this generation. They will never take our talent seriously. Fuck ’em.”

Paul McCartney was recently photographed with Michael Jackson’s daughter. The Swig Party, “The open secret of award shows is that the voting bloc for every award is comprised largely of 60+ year olds who are by no means plugged into the current zeitgeist and are, without exception, whiter than the population as a whole. Not necessarily an authority on art.”

Mindbells said, “Eff all of those awards. Emmys, Oscars, etc. We overvalue their importance in an effort to get proof of their acceptance & acknowledgement of our accomplishments, & their validation of our greatness. I say we don’t need them & I wish we’d stop paying attention to them.” Paul McCartney was filmed reacting to an emergency alarm last week.