Steven Tyler Brutally Rejected By Big Name Female Star


Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler had his interview aired on a recent Howard Stern summer vacation episode, and after he left the interview, Robin Quivers said she would not want to hook up with him, as he is ‘slutty.’ Steven Tyler recently made a brutal Madonna revelation. recapped: After the break Howard came right back and talked about how great Steven Tyler is. Howard said Robin would have done him if the timing was right. Robin said no. She said she doesn’t like slutty men. Robin said she would have been in a line waiting to be serviced.

Joey Kramer has been missing from recent Aerosmith shows due to an injury, and this has led to Aeroforce forum members to debate the legitimacy of bands continuing to tour without original members. Pillis posted, “Aerosmith is one of the few and rare bands with all original members. Most bands have been changing line ups and even singers, I think it’s hideous (cough cough AC/DC).”

Steven Tyler revealed a terrible David Bowie secret last week. bartman2001 responded, “Because they didn’t quit when band members died? I seem to recall one of those replacements, he replaced one of the greatest lead singers and front men of all time (read better than Steven Tyler) Bon Scott by the way, taking part in the highest selling and one of the best for that matter rock albums of all time.

Is it as hideous as the years Brad Whitford and Joe Perry were not in the band? Or the times Tom Hamilton, Joey Kramer and Brad have been out due to illness? Or is it that you’re flat out being a hypocrite, possibly without realizing it, if you’re referring to Axl Rose as if it’s NOTHING different than Aerosmith soldiering on when the above mentioned band members were out, as touring was a serious danger to Brian Johnson losing his hearing. Sorry dude, sometimes your opinions really shit the bed.”

Aerosmith’s concert money splits were recently revealed. Pillis shot back, “That’s why Aerosmith were a flop when not together, plus it was only a matter of few years. Other thing is to completely change line up MULTIPLE times keeping the same name unapologetically. It’s just a matter of taste, respect and dignity. The music can be bad or great and that will forever last nevertheless.

Also it’s different when a member dies in the late career because of age, if the band starts charging line up MULTIPLE times even during early stages of its career looks hideous to me. A band is a band, not a franchise with a turn-over of employees. That’s my opinion of course and you have the right to disagree ✌.”