Paul Stanley KISS ‘Drug Meltdown’ Rant Leaks


SiriusXM host Eddie Trunk recently talked about the upcoming Paul Stanley and KISS documentary that will be airing on A&E. Here, Trunk reveals what the status is of Ace Frehley and Peter Criss’ involvement with the documentary and the shocking reaction he had to one of the documentary clips that was shown to him by the producer. Alternative Nation transcribed Trunk’s comments. Paul Stanley drops KISS original lineup reunion bombshell.

Eddie Trunk: I think, certainly from Ace’s perspective, I can’t speak for Peter [Criss] because they didn’t talk to him about it. They are used to the same old stuff being dredged up and coming up in the same talking points. “You blew it, you’re on drugs, we made the band, etc” and after a while, you get so numb to that it’s just like enough. So I think that’s one of the sticking points. Whether or not they get past that I don’t know but I know that one of the things that Ace [Frehley] was concerned about was how it was going to be edited and how they were gonna come off.

Trunk continued: The producer sent me a clip and I don’t know if it was Gene or Paul and they were like: ‘Yeah those guys blew it and all that’. I told the producer: “This is not what you want to send to Ace if you want him to get on board because this is exactly what he’s talking about.” It’s the same old stuff we’re read and heard a thousand times over and over again. Let’s talk about the here and now as well. So whether they resolve that or not – I don’t know. So you are either going to have this documentary that’s gonna inclusive, obviously, Gene and Paul are running the show as usual. KISS’ Paul Stanley stunned by sad ‘teen girl’ claim.

In other news revolving Paul Stanley and ‘the hottest band in the land’. Fans recently took to the KISS subreddi to discuss what type of singer Paul Stanley is. Winceslaus posted: “Mostly tenor, but his range can extend up into the alto area as well. Gene is also probably a tenor. It’s kinda difficult to put them into these categories since they don’t really sing in a setting where these distinctions are all that necessary, but in general, I would say that Paul can sing tenor or higher and gene can sing tenor or lower.” Paul Stanley leaked these bold texts from Gene Simmons wife not too long ago.