Paul Stanley Leaks Bold Texts From Gene Simmons Wife


KISS frontman Paul Stanley was wished a very happy birthday by the enchanting wife of Gene Simmons – Shannon Tweed Simmons recently! Stanley turned sixty-eight years old this past month. Mrs. Simmons wrote via Twitter: “Happy Birthday to Paul Stanley today! You’ve never looked better in my opinion.” This KISS member calls out Paul Stanley after firing.

In other news revolving KISS and Paul Stanley, fans recently took to the KISSfaq fan forum to discuss and debate whether or not the allegations of the ‘hottest band in the land’ lip-syncing with have an effect on the group’s legacy?

KingOfHearts89 exclaimed: “The die-hards and the trolls are the only ones to note the lip-syncing. I think Paul singing live would have more a negative effect and nearly everyone lip syncs or has tracks or has extra computer bits to the shows now. Good/bad no matter what you think of it no mainstream music journalism is going to even hint any band lip-syncing or faking it or not being live. As a reviewer, you have to keep your musicians sweet by praising and overpraising or you’ll end up reviewing the local pub band.” Paul Stanley makes sad AIDS announcement to KISS fans.

While Crown Royal replied: “the band’s legacy will be mostly what they accomplished from 1974-1979. What they brought to the scene, how they changed what we expect from rock shows, those things are of lasting quality and should be what they are remembered for. And that’s a good thing. What they accomplished back then tends to get lost in time as we move forward. But at one time they truly did shock the world. The lip-syncing will be a mere footnote, an asterisk, as will the 80s (sorry, 80s fans).” Paul Stanley spotted with KISS bandmate’s wife at restaurant.