Paul Stanley Mocked For ‘Laughable’ KISS Performance


Paul Stanley has faced alleged theories about his voice and singing on the KISS farewell tour this year, and in a new video, Stanley was criticized for poor singing. with several members chiming in after one member kicked things off by posting the following: “Looking at this clip from last night. After croaking through the introduction, the vocals are completely laughable. Why do (most) on this board blindly accept this and continue to make excuses, let alone pay an absurd amount of money to be taken for a fool?

Listening to KISS podcasts, they’re afraid to even bring this up, as if they have some major stake in revealing the man behind the curtain. I get it, you are just happy they’re still around, this show is better than nothing etc., etc. But why can’t the fanbase actually call this out as deception?” This KISS icon recently revealed what Michael Jackson did to Paul Stanley.

After calling out the Kiss fanbase and claiming alleged vocal issues and manipulation, fellow fans of the ‘hottest band in the land’ responded. One user stated: “With the exception of 1973-1975, there has always been some balance of dishonesty and authenticity in nearly everything KISS does. It’s impressive that a band whose career is riddled with ghost musicians, deceptive album credits, and studio-crafted live records made it this far without some kind of trickery during their live performances. True to form, their concerts are both authentic and fake (just like most of the albums they’ve ever made).

For me, I can enjoy it as a last hurrah and a chance to part ways with something that’s brought me so much joy for nearly 40 years of my life. I didn’t buy a KISS ticket in 2014 expecting them to sound like 2004. I didn’t buy a KISS ticket in 1996 expecting them to sound like 1992. I know what I’m getting and I still enjoy it. I also understand completely why this crosses a limit for some fans; that’s valid. Alice Cooper reveals if Paul Stanley ‘scammed’ KISS fans.

While another fan and forum user replied: “Honestly part of me doesn’t like the [vocal manipulation] the other part doesn’t give a rats arse. I never gave the matter much thought until I read about it online from several different sources. And I’m new to this board but I have been a KISS fan since 1975. The subject is driving me absolutely crazy but that isn’t a bad thing. The controversy has merit on both sides. The Japan show on youtube videos shows half of the stage show that I saw here in the States and I’m only guessing there are different regulations in Japan.” Paul Stanley looks like ‘clown’ in brutal KISS photo.