Paul Stanley ‘Refuses’ To Leave Store In KISS Photo


In a recent tweet, KISS frontman Paul Stanley recently showcased his recent tour of the Martin Guitar Museum and stated how he couldn’t leave the premises without a certain guitar in his grasps. Stanley tweeted: “Spent the morning at Martin Guitar touring their amazing museum and seeing true craftsman and women at work. I COULDN’T leave without this D-42 Purple Flamed Myrtle. An incredible guitar. There’s a reason Martins are the standard by which others are judged. Great people too!” Paul Stanley calls out ‘overweight’ KISS icon photo.

In other news regarding Paul Stanley and the ‘hottest band in the land’, fans recently took to the KISSfaq fan forum to discuss the allegation that Paul Stanley sung better in the 80s than in the 70s. Onebannedtwice shy said: “In April 1983 at the San Francisco Civic Center hung a banner that read Paul Stanley Kicks Ass! After that show, I knew exactly what they meant. How did Paul Stanley sing better in the 80s than the 70s? This makes absolutely no sense to me. The same is true performance wise both live and their videos. All three videos from Asylum are Paul Stanley at his finest. But where did this new and improved Paul Stanley come from?” Paul Stanley microphone ‘turned off’ at KISS show.

The user continued: “One cannot say losing the platform boots made all that difference. The same could almost be said for Gene except for bust-a-move as Paul can. Were their individual talents really that far-reaching when you compare those two decades. The ’70s were nothing to sniff at but the Paul Stanley of the ’80s, particularly his voice seems to have gotten the tune-up of the millennium. Seriously what a difference comparing Paul’s singing voice. But it makes no sense how it could improve so much. Please help me understand this because I just don’t. Paul Stanley KISS ‘drug meltdown’ rant leaks.