Paul Stanley Microphone ‘Turned Off’ At KISS Show


Over on the KISS fan forum, KISSfaq, one superfan and message board user by the name of KingofHearts89 shared this video of KISS frontman Paul Stanley’s microphone allegedly being turned off at multiple intervals during a recent performance of ‘Tears Are Falling’. Paul Stanley KISS ‘drug meltdown’ rant leaks.

The user stated: “So check out 0:52 and then 2:41, his lips are moving but nothing is coming out! Twice! So, I’m assuming he’s actually singing into the dead mic, because if he was just miming there wouldn’t be a need to turn it off. Now I’m wondering why he can’t just sing with the alleged backing track to enhance his voice?”

The user then issued the following disclaimer: “*Disclaimer – I posted this because I’m genuinely interested in how the production of shows works, and if anyone had any reason why they’re doing it. I enjoyed the shows I’ve seen on the End of the Road tour and didn’t care or really notice the tracks.*”

Paul Stanley drops KISS original lineup reunion bombshell. Fellow forum user Missingdiver replied: “Because hearing two Pauls would really be obvious. They’re actually still trying to hide what they’re doing. [This is] deception to the core – sad. I understand he has to do it but just admit it and let’s get on with life. I think they have it set up in a way so when his mic is actually on it mutes the recorded track and vice versa.”

While later continuing: “They clearly don’t want “2 Pauls” going through the PA and the sound guy is really earning his paycheck on this tour! Its kinda like when you listen to Alive 2 and hear Paul singing background vocals while he sings lead. It does add realism if Paul can ad-lib in between phrases etc…but he’s still adjusting to not being able to do it at whim, then he gets caught trying to do it at times when his mic is off….he will probably be relieved when the tour is over as well…that has to take the fun out of performing!” KISS’ Paul Stanley stunned by sad ‘teen girl’ claim.