Gene Simmons ‘Loses Voice’ In Awful Leaked Video


The electric Gene Simmons continued his tweetable tour of Electric Lady Studios from New York City as ‘the Demon’ gave fans a glimpse of the setting in which the new KISS documentary will be partially filmed. In addition, Gene goes and throws his voice into quite a few impressions. You can view this below. Gene Simmons ‘looks like woman’ in KISS show photo.

In other news regarding Gene Simmons and ‘the hottest band in the land’. Fans recently took to the KISSfaq fan forum to discuss Simmons’ latest venture in Money Bag Vodka. Fellow forum member NYRockCity wrote: “I don’t think it’s bad that he’s apart of a vodka company now. In high school, I knew the family that owns Jack Daniels and in order to own the company, they are not allowed to drink due to the unlimited amount of alcohol they could have access to and the disastrous effects that it could have on the company. There’s nothing wrong with catering to demand. He knows people like to drink alcohol even though he doesn’t, so he’s supplying a demand. He’s not forcing anyone to drink it, it’s just an option for people to do and hopefully, they drink responsibility.” Gene Simmons ‘gains muscle’ in new leaked photo.

Gene Simmons reveals ‘skinny’ disease weight loss photo. While TheSpoiler put: “It’s the same Gene Simmons who said, “**** integrity”. Is it hypocrisy when he telegraphs people to say he will do exactly what he wants to, and if you don’t like it, you’re free to tune out? That seems a damn sight more up-front than a lot of people. Did the guy in the Ford Pinto adverts really think that it was an incredible car? Does the guy selling time-shares really think it’s an “exciting investment opportunity”? Nope – and they won’t say “look, I’m gonna say whatever gets me paid a lot of money, OK?” either.”