Paul Stanley Restaurant ‘Freak Out’ Revealed By KISS Fans


Paul Stanley is such a legend, he can drive his fans crazy! A woman on Twitter spoke about her excitement over meeting Paul Stanley from Kiss in a Kentucky restaurant.

“A few years ago, I worked at a small restaurant in KY. A man walked in and I immediately started flipping out. It was Paul Stanley from KISS! Everyone in the restaurant just looked at me like I was crazy for taking a picture with a random.”

KISS bad ticket sales revealed, a blow to Paul Stanley? In other news regarding Paul Stanley and KISS, fans took to the group’s fan site KissFaq to post their reactions regarding Paul Stanley’s latest signature Puma sneakers.

One user, JetClipperKiss wrote: “I personally love black sneakers and previous Zebra sneakers. Unfortunately, I cannot get them to Australia. Puma won’t post to Australia. I recently fell for a scam trying to buy the Zebra style sneakers and lost $150. I think they rock and would love to get a pair. Anyone from the [United] States wants to adopt me as a friend. Does anyone know of an alternative way to buy a pair in Australia without buying it from someone who acquired ten pairs and tripled the price then go on to sell them?

Paul Stanley confirms his ‘last’ KISS concert. While ZachAttack stated: “Yeah the hi-tops look even worse somehow. It’s those stupid silver straps and the 2 different animal prints. It should just be entirely leopard print with the black soles and the purple inside, that would have looked cool. He put too much bullshit on there and it looks like those Osiris shoes that twelve-year-olds got at the mall in the early 2000s.