The Beatles’ Ringo Starr Reveals Horrible Disease News


The Beatles icon Ringo Starr was recently interviewed by French-based outlet France Inter to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the album “Abbey Road”. Here, Starr reveals how he spent one of his childhood birthdays, more specifically his fourteenth birthday sick with tuberculosis, which ultimately ended up, in a roundabout way got Starr into drumming. Ringo Starr recently revealed if John Lennon hated George Harrison.

As Starr told the outlet:  “At six and seven it was the worst, most dangerous time for me. You know, I had my seventh birthday at the hospital and my fourteenth birthday when I had tuberculosis which was very dangerous in those days. You had to lay there for a year. They always believed in those days in laying. They would come to the ward to keep us busy and one day this woman came and gave us tambourines – you know, things you can hit. I got these little drums, and I wouldn’t be in the band unless she handed me those drums. That’s sort of what pushed me into drums. That’s sort of how it started.”

Ringo Starr recently revealed The Beatles reunion: ‘it will be epic.’ The famed Beatles drummer then followed up if asked if it was a liberation to him.

“Yeah, it’s great. Love them, couldn’t afford them for a long time, made my own kits with biscuit tins and put a bit of a nail on it for the snare drum. That’s all I wanted to play – I didn’t want to play piano, I didn’t want to play this, that or the other, I just wanted to play drums.”

The reviews are in for Ringo Starr’s latest studio album ‘What’s My Name’ and fans can’t stop singing its praises as one fan wrote on Amazon: “This is perfect pop/ rock Nirvana, great rock and roll, great pop songs, heartfelt lyrics, obviously, the John Lennon song, grow old with me, great musicianship, Ringo on drums, Steve Lukather on lead guitar on five songs, the greatest guitar player ever in my book, Joe Walsh, just such a get your heart pumping album from the start, with got to get up to get down, kicking things off, fantastic album period, if you don’t like this record, you don’t have a heart, soul, or a pulse, it’s infectious, Rock on Ringo.” Ringo Starr made a sad Paul McCartney bathroom claim not too long ago.