Ace Frehley Rejects Surprising Paul Stanley KISS Offer


KISS icon Ace Frehley, in a recent interview with heavy metal and hard rock expert Eddie Trunk discussed quite the reunion revelation. Paul Stanley was recently accused of canceling KISS tour for bad reason.

As KISSFAQ member Grizzly Adams pointed out in a recent thread topic, the former band member revealed that the reason why the solo on his 2016 track ‘Fire and Water’ was so long was due to the fact that he wanted acclaimed KISS frontman Paul Stanley to trade off of with him on the solo. When Paul offered up the services of his son, Evan to take the other half of the solo, Ace declined saying ‘no thanks.’ Paul Stanley’s son revealed if he hates Ace Frehley.

In other news revolving KISS, the KISS Army fan club recent celebrating their most recent anniversary and fans took to social media via the official Facebook of the group to reflect.

Pierre wrote: “I going right ******’ now to get a beer at the liquor store, and the cheapest stuff is all I need, to celebrate this great event.”

Christy stated: “At fourteen years old my first crush was on Paul Stanley. I loved KISS, and my bedroom was covered with posters from teen mags and the local mall. Their music ran through my blood and was the reason that I bought my first electric guitar and amp from a friend’s brother for $15. My cousins and I would dress up as the band, and jump off of the fireplace hearth like it was a stage. I never saw them just for their makeup and stage effects, but as extremely talented, and soul-saving. At fifty-three years old I still do, and always will! I have only been able to ever attend one concert (life happens) and was on the floor where everyone was standing on their chairs. At 5’1″, I couldn’t see well but felt every note. Rock on, guys. Lots of love and blessings to all!! Ace Frehley revealed If KISS’ Paul Stanley is lip-syncing not too long ago.