Pearl Jam First Vegas Residency Show Revealed?


The city of Las Vegas is known for many things and extended residencies by some of entertainment’s most beloved A list stars and touring acts is certainly one of them. It has recently been rumored that Pearl Jam could be the next major name to leave their mark in ‘Sin City’ as it was heavily speculated that the group could be performing their entire discography as part of a multi-night stint or extended residency.

To add more speculative fuel to the fire, over on the forums, one user by the name of Love5ive proclaimed some information which is certainly welcome news to Pearl jam fanatics that want to see the band in the desert – however, whether or not this has anything to do with a residency of any sort is yet to be seen.
The user posted: “From a FB group: Las Vegas, MGM Grand, May 20.”

In other news regarding Pearl Jam, while other legacy bands such as Motley Crue are currently at odds with the popular grunge group, one iconic singer that has always liked Eddie Vedder and company has been Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones he shared his thoughts on the band during this classic interview. It should be reminded that Motley Crue and Pearl Jam had a brief feud with each other earlier this year after Vedder delivered choice words to the New York Times on what he thought about bands like Motley Crue, and more specifically the group’s ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ music video. Credit to Farout Magazine for the below quote.

“I’m not in love with things at the moment. I was never crazy about Nirvana – too angst-ridden for me. But I like Pearl Jam. I prefer them to a lot of other bands. There’s a lot of angst in a lot of it. Which is one of the great things to tap into. But I’m not a fan of moroseness.”