Pearl Jam ‘Imminent’ United States Tour Dates Revealed


Pearl Jam are rumored to have a ‘mind blowing’ 2020 North American tour plan that is imminent with a festival date rumored on the Ten Club board, just after announcing a massive 2020 European tour. Pearl Jam have not done a North American tour since 2016, and many major markets like Los Angeles haven’t been played since 2013. The band played a few limited North American stadium shows in 2018.

Vedpunk said, “A reliable source gave me some great US tour news today. Minds will be blown soon. Sorry was told to keep a tight lip.” Demetrios responded, “One of those dates @ the Sea.Hear.Now Festival in September 2020 held in Asbury Park, New Jersey?” Daron Oshay asked, “Wishful thinking or you know something?”

Demetrios shot back, “Was messaged about this happening by 2 close friends. We will see. Too bad I don’t get any messages about Pearl Jam being rumored to come back to Atlantic Canada.”

On2Legs said, “I’m down with PNC but I don’t see it happening because I’m pretty sure the only way NJ might get a show would be because of the band’s connection to Danny Clinch and his festival.”

Pearl Jam playing with System of a Down was just revealed. WMAmorican wrote, “I find it hard to believe that the band could possibly actually think it matters where they might play in the United States prior to the election…I mean, 95% of people at the show who actually vote are already going to vote for Bernie/Warren/whoever, maybe 4.9% will vote for the Stable Genius, leaving 0.1% for Eddie to try to ‘persuade’ with a carefully chosen setlist or sharp political commentary between songs?”

JeffBR responded, “Agreed. A ‘swing state tour’ is total fantasy. The band is clearly into maximizing $$$ while minimizing effort at this point in their career. I just don’t see them going out of their way to play a series of shows in locations they don’t normally play.” PJL44 chimed in, “Look, it worked like a charm in 04. Someone get Tim Robbins on the horn and fire up the VFC bus.”

Lerxst1992 commented, “Except the key states to swing next year are all likely places they’d normally play in a standard tour. FL PA OH MI WI being the most common. I agree get out the vote is a long shot to do anything but why not promise these 5 states or others a show if they flip in a winning effort. It costs nothing to promise and will get a lot of media attention. If they were into maximizing $$ they’d charge U2 prices.” Pearl Jam’s ridiculous 2020 tour ticket prices were revealed a few days ago.