Pearl Jam Tour Dates With System of a Down Revealed


Pearl Jam are set to play at the Rock Werchter festival in July 2020, and fans can go to the festival and see the Seattle rock icons along with System of a Down, Pixies, Thom Yorke Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes, Wilco, Twenty One Pilots, Kendrick Lamar, Yungblud, and The Streets. The festival takes place from July 2-5, 2020 at Festival Park in Werchter, Belgium.

Pearl Jam’s 2020 North American tour plan was revealed earlier this week. Pearl Jam fans recently discussed the band’s summer 2020 Hyde Park show on Reddit, and if they believe it will sell out. Doylebag posted, “Does anyone think Hyde Park will sell out? I’m worried that it will after general sale starts tomorrow… Tickets are really steep just now especially so close to Christmas, could really do with waiting until the New Year but don’t want to miss out!”

Chadwikipedia responded, “Honestly, if it does, just go sit outside the walls and listen. I did it when they played Hyde Park in 2010. Got a few beers and just sat on the lawn and had a great time for free. Could hear everything perfectly.”

G0ldfinger47 said, “I don’t think so. In the past the British Summer Time events have not, and have been known to do buy one get one free offers nearer the time.” Kristmace chimed in, “65000 capacity, so I doubt it will sell out. When they rearranged the gig at the o2 arena in London last year the new date didn’t sell out.” Dan27 shot back, “I was at that gig. It was very much sold out.”

Kristmace wrote, “So was I. You could buy tickets on Ticketmaster right up to the day of the gig. There were 300-400 left at the back in the upper tier.” Bikesonmikes posted, “Ticketmaster is weird. Two years ago all tickets for the show I went to were supposedly sold out and then, on the day of the event, new tickets magically appeared. I guess they keep some of the tickets to sell last minute at higher price.” Pearl Jam’s new album title was revealed a few days ago by Neil Young.