Pearl Jam List Of 2020 U.S. Stadium Shows Revealed


Pearl Jam‘s spring 2020 North American tour will not feature stadiums, but a fall run of stadium shows is reportedly in the works, including Boston and Chicago.

HailHailVitalogy posted on the Ten Club board, “I mean we have Fall rumors of Pittsburgh, Houston, Fenway, and Wrigley. Throw in Philly and Seattle because they probably won’t skip those. That’s 10 more shows, that’s another leg lol. Entirely possible there’s 3-4 other Fall stops we haven’t heard about yet…especially swing states and DC.”

“Gut feeling they announce Spring and Fall at the same time. WMMR just added to this feeling.

I miss 2003 when they just started added shows out of no where near the end of the tour. Mansfield 3, Hershey, Holmdel, Mexico City…was awesome.”

There has also been talk of shows St. Louis and Kansas City, leading to further discussion. McGruff10 asked, “Matt, would you say KC is nicer than St. Louis?”

Presentents responded, “I am not Matt but I do live in KC and although biased KC has WAY more to offer then STL and a much easier travel situation. We have NO traffic, like ever, we do have I-29,35,70,49, so getting here is pretty straight forward from everywhere. We have one of the best museums in the country and it’s FREE, we have a light rail that connects a large chuck of the downtown area and it’s FREE, we have the

Power and Light district (bar zone) which is located right next to the hotel zone, and Westport (better bar zone) which is a 7 minute Uber from P&L and a 5 minute Uber from the Country Club Plaza (amazing Spanish architecture and great restaurants, the Christmas song Kansas City Lights was written about it), plus we have some of the best restaurants in the Midwest and that’s not to even begin about the BBQ).

Oh and if Jazz and Baseball are your thing we have the 18th and Vine district with the Negro League Baseball Museum connected to the Jazz Museum (it’s the Hall of Fame of both Jazz and the African American leagues). Every night you can find music from jazz at the Green Lady Lounge, to rock bands of all types, or a EDM show being thrown in a warehouse in the West Bottoms. All of which is less then 10 minutes apart from each other and virtually all of it has plenty of FREE parking. Stay in STL and have fun in the burbs and enjoy the Applebee’s if that’s your jam.” An initial list of rumored 2020 Pearl Jam stadium shows leaked a few months ago.