Pearl Jam Massive 2020 Stadium Concerts Revealed


Pearl Jam are rumored to be planning summer 2020 North American stadium concerts, with Wrigley Field shows in Chicago in the works. Pearl Jam previously played at Wrigley in 2013, 2016, and 2018. A rumored November new Pearl Jam announcement leaked yesterday.

PearlJamOnline reported, “While Pearl Jam keep on working on the new record, there are rumors about a possible concert in Chicago.

The rumor has been started by Nick Digilio of WGN Radio, a radio station from Chicago that is usually very well informed about the band’s concerts in the city. During a live broadcast he affirmed that Pearl Jam will be back at Wrigley Field in the summer of 2020.”

Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam helping save the life of a suicidal A-list star was revealed yesterday. bendhair23 asked insider dimitrispearljam on the Ten Club board, “Dimi — should we be spending all this time debating ballpark shows vs arena shows?” dimitrispearljam responded, “Have your fun guys..I don’t post anything..not giving to Alternative Nation something to use by quote me from here again.

The only thing I have to say about the whole thing, be happy to what you get when you get it…be thankful the band is still playing shows…Australia has waited 6 years now, Asian 16 years, South Africa never saw them live etc. If they tour in your country, state, or you can travel, go see the show…shows to whatever venue, is better than no shows at all.”

JimmyV responded, “People used to seriously argue on here that Pearl Jam couldn’t sell out Fenway. A tour like Green Day and Weezer just announced might prove challenging, but Green Day and Weezer are likely to find that out, too.”

given2fly23 said, “It seems like promoters have started going to one venue bigger for bands than they used to. Not just arena/stadium bands, but younger bands I thought should play a theater go ballroom. Billie Eilish sold out 2 nights at the Aragon this year (I would’ve expected her to play a theater) so they moved her to one show at United Center. Crazy. Come on @dimitrispearljam, don’t go dark on us because of that ****er 🙁 .” A big name revealed a stunning story with Eddie Vedder and Carmen Electra a couple of days ago.