Pearl Jam Live Aid 2020 Bombshell Rumor Leaks


Pearl Jam played the Global Citizen Festival in 2015, and Queen and Adam Lambert are playing it later this month in New York. Next year, the festival will be a massive 10-hour ‘Live Aid’ inspired festival across countries. The goal for Global Citizen is to ‘help end extreme poverty, tackle climate change and reduce inequality.’ Global Citizen CEO Hugh Evans said in a statement: “Live Aid took place in 1985, well before the advent of social and digital media. The platforms that exist today can enable us to reach every corner of the planet.” Eddie Vedder’s wife recently revealed a Chris Cornell family secret.

pjhawks wrote on the Ten Club board, “Seems Global Citizens is doing a huge concert next year like Live Aid. On two continents. I imagine PJ will play. And they did Tweet out picture of Global Citizens last week. I think I saw that the announcement for that is coming soon too.”

The rumored 2020 Pearl Jam tour debut was recently revealed. Lerxst1992 said, “The way they have the fans surround them creates such a buzz in an arena. To be above the stage and watch the drumming is impossible at a stadium. And has been said, if its windy outdoors, goodbye sound.

Someone above said they’re maybe doing Global Citizen next year. If that’s their NY show that’s brutal. Short set, lots of teens waving their phones at beyonce just poor compared to an arena show.

I know they believe in this cause but their performances are an endangered species right now. They are not a prolific touring band lately and could be heading towards their final years as a live band.

They could do so much more for politics by promising any swing states that flip to the Dems a show or 2 on a future leg. If they are ever going to get out the vote, that seems how. Rock the vote in 2000? Bush still “won.”

they could also do an extended residency at any NY metro arena or stadium and raise a ton for global charity (or any of the centrally located NE cities). 60 million ppl within 4 hours drive.” Eddie Vedder’s ex-wife recently broke her silence.